The Alps Residences Tampines Street 86 near Tampines Century Square

The Tampines is a bustling new district in Singapore. It is the third largest new town in the country by area and is very close to the main international airport. Much of the town is currently under construction but it will be completed in a few, short years. It will include several schools, a metro line and a wide variety of restaurants featuring eastern and western delicacies. Moving your family to this area is a great idea, but for it to be a success you need to find your ideal home. The Alps Residences provide you and your loved ones with the perfect residential solutions to fit all your needs. With the expected completion of the project in 2019, the residences will tower over the Tampines in a number of blocks.

The Alps Residences MCC Land Tampines Street 86

The entire project by MCC Land near Tampines Century Square shopping mall is over 40,000 square meters of built and open spaces. There will be ten blocks with some rising up to 30 levels. You and your loved ones can choose from a variety of properties, ranging from a one bedroom, all the way to a five bedroom with separate study. You will have over 600 in The Alps Residences MCC Land units to choose from, but interest in The Alps Residences is growing fast. In this condo building, one can make use of various facilities. These include an outdoor seating area, where you can enjoy tranquillity with your family. Another great location is the designated Barbecue Pavilions where you can enjoy the evening breeze. Over here, you will find portable barbecue pits to grill all your food on. The space itself fits 10 to 15 people, so you can host anything from a barbecue to a birthday party, with your close relatives and friends. To make things even better, they are situated in an area that is easily accessible and, importantly, safe.

The Alps Residences near Tampines Century Square

The Alps Residences at Tampines Century Square Shopping Centre are leading the change to safer cycling in Asia. They have launched a project that forms part of the National Cycling Plan, which will help to increase cycling around the city. Being part of The Alps Residences allows you share in this opportunity for better health and greener environments.

Alps Residence Site and Floor Plan

There are several activities to do in your free time around the area. The Bedok Reservoir is one of the major attractions. You can rent gear for a variety of adventure sports, including kayaking and canoeing. It is also home to many water sports competitions, including the Dragon boat. Spending quality family days by the reservoir will certainly help you fill the family album with many memorable moments.

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