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The city fringe estate remains o top draw for the property buyers. Muneerah Bee explores is located at the fringe of the city centre. Red hill remains to be a well maintain mature estate in the district 3. The name originated from a local folklore of a murderer of a witty boy who used to live on the hill. The murderer is believed to have left the hill soaked in blood.

The hill is probably a large hill located at the present site of Henderson housing estate for Artra Redhill MRT, which is opposite the Delta sports complex. The hill was shaped to be the current estate in the year 1963, demolishing the surrounding kampung to pave way for the current red hill close. Although some people know the area to be Red hill or Bukit Merah, it is believed that Redhill refers to the area nearby the Redhill MRT station whereas Bukit Merah is near to the Bukit Merah New town where there is a bus interchange.

Redhill MRT Condo Tang Group of Companies

Being close to the city, Redhill has become a prime residential area for HDB unit. Chai Chin Yun, who is the marketing manager at WTG property says that in a few years of a popular Red hill, majority of the buyers were young people who are working in CBD. Located near Artra Tang Group is a whole range of shopping centres such as IKEA Alexandra and Valley Point Shopping Cente and He further says that there were few categories of young Chinese PR buyers, Private property down graders and young Singaporean buyers before the new HDB regulations came in.

He further says that currently, the young classes buyers have reduce. He analyses that the current buyers are private property downgrades who enjoy the convenience of the location. Currently, Redhill contains 51,222HDB flats hosting about 146,700 residents. Here some blocks were put aside for Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). City Vue @ Henderson is a replacement flat in process. It consist of 95A, 95C, 96Aand 96B blocks at Henderson Road.

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It is said that the new estate are to replace 1to 3,5to 22 blocks at Redhill close. Additionally, Redhill host a number of single room and shaped flats majorly for elderly people. Apart from HDB, there are many arising private developments in Redhill. On of them is The Crest Alex Residence Another one is the Echelon.

Although Redhill is not featuring a prominent mall, common in other estates in Singapore, it seems not to deter buyers. Its central location gives much convenience to its residents. It therefore brings interests from potential residents. At Redhill, shopping is not a problem as there is Redhill market where you can shop for groceries. Moreover main shopping centers like Orchard Road and Vivo city are just a short distance away. It is also near to Tiong Bahru Plaza near to Tiong Bahru MRT Station as well as Artra Tang Group.

Artra Tang Group of Companies Redhill MRT Station

Near the Hill are various employment sites like Henderson Industrial Park. Another is the Depot Lane Estate. This is a great advantage to the residents as they can get easily get to working place. Redhill is set to see a lot of rejuvenation with arising projects in the area. This is because the development projects will attract people who wish to enjoy the comforts of well-established estates. Moreover it is known of having a historic precincts and heritage buildings.

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