Queens Peak Dundee Site Plans and Pricing Review

Whether you are in Tampines Ave 10 or Dundee Road near Queenstown juts right beside Queenstown MRT, you can easily get access to the MCC land’s two plots, which are yet to be launched. However, you do not need to worry about launching; since this will take place in Singapore by the bidder, who happens to be the government, under the land sales program very soon.

Pricing and Reviews for Queens Peak Dundee Road

Bidders are welcomed to bid for lands that the government, under sales program has released. Fortunately, the plots are well strategized; with several Singaporean facilities surrounding them, just to give you necessary resources if your bid will be accepted and you become the owner of the land. Reviews on Queens Peak forum indicative that the showflat will be available soon. Just to give you a picture of these pieces of land, The Queens Peak located at the Dundee Road and Tampines Ave 10 are surrounded by shopping centres. For instance, Queens Peak enjoys the services of Tampines 1 shopping centre and the Tampines Mall, situated strategically just beside the Queenspeak Condo. There are other several shopping centres, which prove to be very much productive in delivering metropolitan services to these pieces of land.

Queens Peak Site and Floor Plans Pricing Queenstown MRT

If you go for the Queens Peak Dundee Road, be assured to get full access to the home furniture mall by the name IKEA Alexandra. Here, you can have your ultimate freedom to choose from several quality furniture’s found therein. If you opt for the Dundee Road, you can see the Queens Peak Showflat. You will also experience many other institutions such as academic institutions located nearby just to serve you, one of these basic institution is Crescent Girl high school. If you are outgrown a high school and you prefer a land, which is near a polytechnic, Queens Peak will also offer just this to you. Queens Peak condo is for sale and is situated just near Temasek Polytechnic to offer you higher education you think you won’t do without, especially in this era.

Queens Peak Dundee Road Launch and Indicative Prices

If you think you will be the only one living in this area, you are in for a big surprise. Queens Peak is also located just near Valley shopping centre. This shopping centre hosts many residents such as NTUC and KFC fair-price. They are located a few minutes from Queens Peak and therefore you are assured of meeting valuable and caring neighbours to give you not only support, but also the necessary resources to standardize your life even further. Due to several buyers and top bidders who are interested in these lands, it proves that the location is very much strategic for Queens Peak by the MCC land.

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