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About PMB


The Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB) is the national authority safeguarding Singapore’s national monuments. It is guided by the Preservation of Monuments Act to provide “for the preservation and protection of National Monuments”.

PMB’s work covers 4 main areas:

1) Planning and research to extend the knowledge on the monuments

2) Regulatory support to guide restoration, preservation and protection of monuments

3) Outreach, to promote and stimulate public interest and support of monuments

4) Act as an advisory to the government in respect of matters relating to the preservation of monuments.

Formed in January 1971, PMB was a statutory board of the Ministry of National Development. It is charged to identify monuments that are worthy of preservation based on the criteria that they are of historic, cultural, traditional, archaeological, architectural, artistic or symbolic significance and national importance.

In 1997, PMB became an independent statutory board under the Ministry of Information and the Arts (presently known as Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts). On 1 July 2009, PMB merged with the National Heritage Board with the passing of the revised Act of 2009 and the appointment of a Director to helm PMB.

PMB will complement the administration of the gazette process with public and school outreach. In 2011, PMB will continue its school- engagement programmes and public outreach to promote greater awareness and appreciation of Singapore’s architectural heritage and history.

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