The Opus Condo Former Amber Park Enbloc

When looking for a comfortable place for your family to live, you need to take into consideration the surroundings of the property. While security tops the list of the features that you should be looking for, you also need to consider nearness to social amenities. When developing the Opus Condo, the developer was keen on observing the surrounding. Located right in the middle of Katong, the Opus Condo is a new freehold development worth considering when searching for a perfect family home. If you are not yet convinced by its location, look at the feature which you will enjoy once you own a condo in the building. The Opus Condo is the former Amber Park Enbloc by City Developments Limited and Hong Leong Group.

The Opus Condo Former Amber Park Enbloc

The freehold land that the opus condo sits on is directly next to the MRT station making it easy for you to access the building. Also, for residents who will be staying in the condo but work in the city, the East Coast Parkway is only a walking from distance from the city. From the parkway, it will only take you 10 minutes to reach the city.

Before you choose a residential building, you must make sure that there is a shopping center nearby to save you from going long distances whenever you need to do shopping. The Opus Condo is conveniently located near the Parkway Parade Shopping Center. The mall which was built in 1984 features MPH bookstores, a seven-story shopping mall, dining and restaurants, fashion shops, and Mark & Spencer.

The Opus Condo City Developments Limited and Hong Leong Group

There is also the Katong Shopping Center along the Mountbatten Road. The shopping mall features basic amenities such as computer and printing services, opticians, dining areas, and employment agencies. The Katong shopping center is among the earliest malls in Singapore and among the first to include air-conditioned rooms within the building. During the festive seasons, you can enjoy great discounts from different businesses within this mall.

Once in a while, you may need to have a family fun day away from the daily hustle and bustle. The East Coast Park, which is located a walking distance from the Opus Condo, provides a perfect location to spend much time. Here, you can enjoy tons of activities including outdoor grilling in the available barbecue pits and outdoor eating on the various restaurants and eateries that cater for every lifestyle.

The Opus Condo at East Coast Park

Most of the eateries have panoramic views of the sea where you can enjoy your meal and at the same time feel the cool sea breeze. In the eating joints, you will get an opportunity to mingle and interact with both locals and tourists as you all enjoy local delights. The most common delicacies services in the eateries include mee goreng and chili crabs.
Sporting Facilities

If you are into sports, the Opus Condo has catered for your needs by including unique and special facilities within the Opus Amber Gardens. There is a kid’s playground, a swimming pool, BBQ pits, tennis court, an indoor gymnasium, a functioning house, a clubhouse, and a sun deck.

With these features, you don’t have to live a dull life all spend too much time looking for places to access. The condo provides your family with all the basic and entertainment needs they require for a happy and comfortable life.

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